Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We Found A Duck; Now Let's Cook One For A Good Cause

The votes are in, tabulated, certified by the auditor, protested, recertified by the auditor, and de-chadded.

It's a duck. 91% of the 87 votes cast say it's a duck. Only Robert Young Pelton, Max Factor Forte, Vladimir John Stanton, and a couple of their cronies voted for "eagle."

Question: If the duck votes for "eagle," does it count?

Well, we'll be egalitarian and count it. The good news is that over 90% of people can spot a duck. Thanks for voting.

Now that we've found a duck, it's time to cook it. Honor Their Service, Inc. is a non-profit group (still waiting for their official 501c(3) letter) who perform good works such as Operation Santa in hospitals and Operation Fresh Air.

Carrie Constantini, President of Honor Their Service Inc. says, "Our events have always been modest proposals. They do not require lots of money to execute. We are budgeting about $500 to put on one Operation Fresh Air... that's a day of fishing, food and fellowship at Leesylvania State Park for wounded/injured servicemembers and their families at Walter Reed and Bethesda."

Because they are not officially a tax-exempt charity until they have that letter, there are legal complications to them taking donations over the 'net; so they are going to provide something of value... a cook book of recipes from milbloggers and their readers.

First things first; they need recipes. Please go and read a better post about this and then see if you can add something to the duck stew. Or... you can click on my newest widget to the upper left below the oh-so-scary 2-2 Vampires Logo. (It will take you to the same post... it's just more fun.)

Let's give some great wounded warriors a fun day out with their families. To quote Wilford Brimley, "It's a good thing to do and a tasty way to do it."



  1. I want to formally protest the vote. In the spirit of Gore & Franken, I do not believe it is possible that 7 people purposely voted "eagle."

    It is my sincere belief that at least 4 of those misunderstood the ballot, the question, or some other function thereof.

    Further, I would like to protest the fact that there were no 3rd party candidates allowed on the ballot. For example, "chickenhawk" and "pignose rattler" candidates were both disallowed as were the "hawk," "dove" and "pile o' shi'te" candidates.

    I don't have no good recipes except the one for "Ranger Cookies" and every Joe has that one memorized. But that does sound like a good cause. Perhaps, we could convince Young Pelton to donate to it?

  2. Too funny. Excellent work Old Blue, and the readers have spoken. S/F

  3. Agree that the widget is outstanding. I'm submitting some of our own recipes from Devil Dog Brew. Hope this helps a worthy cause.

    Semper Fi, Hank


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