Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At Some Point, Bill Maher Is Going To Have To Learn To **** Himself

The latest exercise in jackassery focused against the US Armed Forces, Bill Maher submits this for your approval:

Bill can be entertaining to watch, because he's made an art form out of the same sardonic wit he developed on the playground as a child. Being neither particularly athletic nor obviously popular for bringing anything to the party that the popular kids usually bring, he found another route. Being fairly bright, he found that witty sarcasm could win points in many contests. He probably earned himself a few ass-whoopings, but more than likely not too many. His tongue was his weapon. If your kid ever came home near tears because of some kid with a propensity for verbal bullying, your kid ran into a budding Bill Maher.

Picture him as a kid on the playground running his mouth... not too hard, is it? Little roundish kid with a mop of hair, a prominent nose and a smart mouth. He's made quite a living out that; because as adults we're entertained, just as kids are, by seeing someone else sardonically abused. Bill making a living as an ass doesn't bother me until he points his shitty little mouth at people who serve this country in a time of war.

You know what, Bill? Let's compare rape rates with American cities with similar populations of males, why don't we? Would you like to do that? No, because that won't be funny. Because small cities in every state will come up with higher rape rates than a similar population of Marines on Okinawa or Soldiers in Germany. Then your joke won't make any sense.

Bill, I think that now would be a good time to learn to **** yourself. Somehow, I don't think you're going to need lessons.


  1. I can't tolerate him. I think he's a jackass and I highly believe he says the things he does for the shock factor and for ratings.

    He's a miserable SOB.

    B&B, thank you so much for your service. Please be safe.

    BTW, found you via Vampire 6.

  2. Wow, you guys took this a little too seriously; and that isn't even the point!

    Bill's point was that we need to reevaluate the American Empire that we have erected overseas. Germany does not need more troops. The AfPak situation, well, that can be debated. I dont hear anyone else on TV asking this question. So, in a comical setting, he choose to take a stab at it.

    Get over this whole taboo troops thing: this is not Vietnam. I would hope that our troops could take a litter smartassery by Bill Maher. After all, they're going to need to be tough enough to take the long haul in Afghanistan due to the new Obama plan.

  3. The problem is Maher is neither funny nor correct.

    His "joke" was not funny. Slandering the Troops by calling them rapists is not funny.

    Had he stopped prior to that idiotic statement, he might have had a political point, but he didn't, did he? Many people express their true feelings under the influence of great amounts of alcohol. Maher's opinion of the troops did not need alcohol to be spoken.

  4. I most thoroughly disagree with Abu Guerrilla, except on the idea that it could be time to reevaluate our overseas deployment situation. I'm not sure that we should do anything about it, but it certainly bears a good look. That costs a lot of money, and I'm not entirely sure it's necessary.

    However, if that is Bill Maher's (or his writer's) sense of humor, it's not in the least bit funny. GI's and Marines do have thick skins; but they also have a strong sense of honor, and being referred to as rapists is not honorable. Rape is not honorable, nor is it funny. To be dishonored by your own country while you are, have been, or are liable to go downrange in a shooting war is a pretty bitter pill.

    Our "thick skins" are getting more and more used to it, though. One group of people feeling more empowered these days are a fringe group who never supported the troops, and those for whom "I support the troops but not the war" was but a thin veneer applied to be more politically correct at a time when it was unacceptable to revert to Vietnam troop-hating behaviors. That veneer is beginning to crack.

    If Maher had pulled this crap in 2004 he would have been shouted down.

  5. Yes Bill and Bob, you are most certainly correct. And why would you want your honor put into question. It's a legitimate thing to ask.

    But; but, lets just remember that this is a good example of a "botched joke." I watch the guys show and he appreciates what you guys are doing. It isn't about that. This was just a failed attempt at humor.

    Brush it off.

    When are we going to debate America's 50,000 in Germany? If U.S. commanders want 10,000 more troops in the Stan, they could get them from Germany. I think they could make due with only 40,000 Americans in their country. Most of my Army friends who were stationed in Germany spent most of their time beer drinking and puking anyway.

  6. AG: Those without honor don't understand the value of honor, nor the reason to defend it. Perhaps, due to his lack of humor, Bill Maher, billed as a comedian, fails to understand the value of humor or what it is as well.

    One thing is clear, many with NO experience in the military, have an unusual arrogant ignorance in their belief that they are an authority to speak about it, because "their friend" is in or was in, or their distant relative actually defended this Nation and OUR Constitution from tyranny.

    By making statements about those 'drunken Soldiers in Germany' being 'available,' the "commenter" demonstrates their total ignorance of military life and deployments. I guarantee those Troops have the same combat experience as their peers. Then again, it also demonstrates the author's ignorance of history or research capabilities, in that he appears completely unaware that the Troops in Germany were drawn down from 250,000 there in the early 90's.

    Still, this is off target, since the subject of the post is that Bill Maher slandered all Troops with his political rant and he and his hateful apologists later attempted to cover it with "he was just joking." BS, it demonstrated his true colors and there is no humor in his pure hatred. There is no valid excuse, nor is he funny, nor is he politically intelligent.


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