Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I can tell you this; there are big changes coming to, as Registan refers to it, BABEAA. Those cats are still in the bag, but will unfold as does 2009. In the meantime, you (yes, you) can help shape that future by voting in the poll to be found to the left at the top of the sidebar.

Not that this is a democracy. I just wonder what you think, and it may, just may, have an impact.

To those downrange; may 2009 find you at home with your loved ones.


  1. You big wussie! Come out of the foxhole, already! Reveal thyself!

  2. Preserve your PERSEC and make it harder for gored oxen to wreak vengence upon you.

  3. Would Batman or Superman reveal who they were? NO, I say!

    There is some low grade moron at DA just waiting for this, don't reward their stupidity and lack of effort to discover your true identity.

    By revealing your identity you will reinforce the immediate gratification culture, in turn quickening the downfall of our society. So, if you're prepared to be responsible for the destruction of modern western culture go right ahead!

    Maybe I'm over reacting but I don't think so!

  4. No need. I just started reading your blog five minutes ago and I already figured out who you are. (No, not really. Just kidding. Seriously, I'm trying to be funny.)

  5. Don't listen to those other two commenters. They're just enabling your wussiehood. Come on... You know you want to do it... It won't hurt...

  6. I flove your blog. I always want to comment but feel silly just typing "great" or something short when I am still thinking about them. You send me off to great links and I find myself in an exercise of mind mapping. I would follow you anywhere.

    Will your posts be different once all is revealed? Who is to say but only you can answer why you would want to. The motivation behind your posts are always clear so how would it change? Would you want it to? Would I no longer find persuasion through reason but an agenda if your face greeted me?

    As Vampire 06 says, I vote for preserving our Western culture. No.


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