Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From A Reader

I don't want to turn this into "Alvarez Watch," but you have to acknowledge the tainted pen when it appears. Thanks for the heads-up, Caitlyn.

Caitlin has left a new comment on your post "Agendas":


She's doing it AGAIN. God forbid anyone might possibly join up out of love for their country or their friends . . .

It's not so much quoting statistics, but it's the tone that she sets. I wonder how many of the enlistees have a Bachelor's Degree... she didn't mention that...

She didn't mention how many scored really well on their ASVAB tests, either. Strange. I wonder how many joined who were doing quite well and suddenly couldn't look at themselves in the mirror anymore.

At FOB Kalagush I met a PFC at the front gate to the FOB one day while waiting for some local ANP and civil leaders to make it through the outer gate. He was obviously older than the other PFC's. I asked him about that.

"I'm 39, Sarn't."

"Wow. How'd you wind up in the 173rd in Afghanistan?"

"Well, Sarn't, I had an electrical contracting company with a buddy of mine. We were doing okay, but I just felt like I had to serve. I handed everything over to him to run while I was gone and I went active duty. Here I am."

So, I wonder why Lizette Alvarez, who seems to focus her efforts on the military, doesn't tell such stories. That man was a successful small businessman who felt the call to serve his country, and so he did. He is a great example of America, and a great example of our soldiers. Is he typical? No, most of our enlistees are much younger (even in the Guard, although Lizette would lead you to believe that the Guard is full of old men like me.) No, he's not typical. He's something of an oddity, in fact. He knows it. He's also not that much of an oddity.

Why doesn't Lizette Alvarez tell stories like that? There would certainly be that human interest aspect to it. I suspect that his story is the last story that Lizette Alvarez would like to tell. It simply wouldn't fit with her agenda.

I'm getting tired of writing about Lizette Alvarez, but when someone points something like this out, it's not like I can just sit idly by.


  1. Cuts to the chase of what Alvarez has focused on. Isn't it a good thing that not everyone thinks like her?

    So how bout you paint us another beautiful picture of your time in the Land that Time forgot... I never tire of those you tell. But you knew that.

  2. *sigh*
    One of my best friends emailed me last night asking why anyone would want to go back. My attempt to offer some insight will take time and also pointing her to some good milblogs.
    Since my offerings are not first hand, I will rely a lot on the knowledge of others.

    Please continue as you have.
    You are a strong voice that needs to be heard.

  3. perspective being what it is,
    i find that 'truth' can be an elusive subject.
    The one who says a thing is 'normal' is also hiding the truth of the matter unless all cards are placed on the table, face up.

    An oddity may only be odd to those who don't recognize the diversity.


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