Monday, September 29, 2008

Pictures Of Nuristan And Northern Laghman

The last couple of months of my tour were spent at and around a place called FOB Kalagush in the Nurguram District of Nuristan Province.

Looking North into Nuristan from Kalagush

Are there guerrillas in the mist?

We also worked with the Alingar District, Laghman Province.

Heading down into Laghman, looking back North into Nuristan

Nuristani mountains from Northern Laghman Province

Northern Laghman Province, looking East

Storm clouds over the mountains West of Alingar

Village in Northern Laghman Province

I'll string this together with some more pictures soon. There are a couple of stories to tell here, including the scene of Smokey Jackalacker's encounter with the Hyena Of Doom and the place where I saw Nighttime In Shades Of Green.


  1. Those mountains have a stark beauty all their own. Yet, they can be brutal on men and equipment as well.

    Can't wait to hear more stories of your time from within the Land Time Forgot...

  2. I've been to these places. was back in late 06 in december early jan 07. i had completely forgotten but your pictures reminded me. i'm guessing that you stopped in the methar lam prt on the way to kalagush. i was in the valley to the west of the alingar the alishang for about 5 months. thanks for reminding me of a place i had forgotten amazing how those things are forgotten over time..

  3. Reminds me of the mountains of Alaska and northern Canada.

    Thanks for the pictures.

  4. Loved the caption re guerrillas in the mist... tell us more!

  5. Sure is pretty out there. Gotta love photos shot through moving vehicle windows! :-)

  6. I was born in Waigal Nuristan in Afghanistan and now I live in Virgina. Thanks for the pics and I support the troops 100%.

  7. i was born in doab bajagal village nuristan province afghanistan.
    now iam studing in india.
    allahabad university.

  8. Beautiful pictures. I have almost the exact same pictures from my time working in that area.


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