Thursday, April 30, 2009

A.L.L. Launch

Recently I got an email from a fellow milblogger who experienced a change of mission from Iraq to Afghanistan. Iraq didn't bother him... he's been there before... but he doesn't know anything about Afghanistan. I thought about it and realized that what I was missing when I went into country was significant. Our young friend asked for a post on what he needed to know, but I realized that the knowledge that needed to be transferred could not be dealt with in one post. I also realized that there were others who had knowledge that needed to be provided. From this point, Bouhammer tells it better than I do, so I'm copying his post on it.

It started as a lengthy phone call between Old Blue and myself. Thanks to a private online chat group that a whole bunch of us milbloggers talk on, it grew to include Vampire 6 and WOTN. Four veterans of Afghanistan, Four milbloggers, Four guys who care about passing on the Afghanistan Lessons Learned (A.L.L.) to others that are deploying. 2009 is going to be challenging enough for this country in regards to Afghanistan and even more challenging for those that are heading over to risk their lives and spend a year away from home.

The last thing they need to do is worry about a lengthy ramp-up period to learn the unique challenges that the war in Afghanistan has to offer. They need to hit the ground running, which means having all the lessons learned already in their head.

This is where we come in. We call it A.L.L. and it is for all going to Afghanistan. We foresee this blog becoming the one-stop shop of knowledge needed in order to step into the country knowing all there is to know without having physically been there.

You can find it at

Go there to check it out, and if you know anyone heading to the “Popular, Forgotten War” tell them to check it out too.


  1. Great stuff. You guys are to be congratulated on this speed with which you carried out this operation. I've already linked to it on my blog. SGT Danger and many others who will follow in his footseps will be better prepared when they put boots on the ground.


  2. You 'Old Guys' done good. Hopefully all the new 'boots on ground' will take all Y'alls observations and put them to good use.

  3. Thank you so much for all the Afghanistan info, because while I have been reading y'all for a long time, we just found out Monday that our Army son may be deployed to Afghanistan in December. My own mother asked, "now where is Afghanistan?" I kid you not. I love sending out your links to help friends and relatives. My Air Force son also sent me a good link to an online magazine about Afghanistan. They were being encouraged to send it out to folks back home. Thanks again! mom of two soldiers


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