Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yep, It Quacks Just Like A Duck

With the kind permission of Neptunus Lex, I bring two comments out of his vault, both made today. I'll let you be the judge.

I say it quacks just like a duck.

RYP // Feb 24, 2009 at 2:27 pm

Sadly, yet another series of untruths from Old Blue in addition to the ones he has already corrected. I have never met Ted Turner or Wes Clark and I have no business relationship with them.

You can see the site I own at Not that exciting or even close to being a Human Terrain program killer. I gave Steve and his crew free subscriptions after I first met him and offered to hook him up with a number of research sources in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I like Steve and wish him well.

There are quite a few errors, inventions and misstatements in his latest iteration. Its clear that he steadfastly keeps the focus off the actual problems in the HTT program by desperately tries keep pulling rabbits out his hat.

And yes, I would think that most people on this forum would agree that the truth is always worth a ferocious defense but invented offense is probably worth ignoring.

Emphasis mine.

Old Blue // Feb 24, 2009 at 6:01 pm

Please allow me to deposit the BS flag as gently as possible.

So after he left CNN, Mr. Jordan called up his former boss and longtime mentor, Ted Turner.

“I didn’t ask for money, but for his advice and guidance,” Mr. Jordan said. Mr. Turner sits on Praedict’s advisory board, as do former Presidential hopeful Gen. Wesley Clark, Iraqi Red Crescent president Dr. Said Hakki, Gen. James Marks and Lord Richard Bethell Westbury.

“The company has been largely funded out of my pocket, with some help from a couple of angel investors,” Mr. Jordan said. Mr. Jordan declined to specify who the angels were, beyond saying that they were not members of the advisory board.

Praedict’s U.S. staff consists of co-founder Robert Pelton, author of a book on the inner workings of military contractors; journalist Nir Rosen, who chronicled the Sunni and Shiite resistance starting in 2003; Zeyad, an Iraqi CUNY student who uses only his first name; Amer Mohsen, who critiques the Iraqi press; and Ms. Shen.

Just sayin’…

I do not understand how one can not have a business relationship with someone on the advisory board of a company in which you are a co-founder. Can anyone help me to sharpen my business acumen? I'm obviously missing something here. Can this possibly make any sense at all?


  1. Blue you are to be commended on an excellent job of investigative journalism. Following RYP's 'adventures' becomes curiouser and curiouser like following Alice down the rabbit hole. Thanks very much.

  2. It would appear to this knuckledragger that Mr Pelton has a conflict of interest or five not only with himself but his myriad of career choices.

    Keep up the good work Blue. My own poking around led to predictable if unexpected conclusions:

    It's not so much about RYP, but the general reaction of "peaceniks" to being asked to further their ideologies and expertise in bringing peace and security to the world.

  3. After reading the offending article and the wave of comments, I have to say well done old blue. There is nothing more frustrating than fly by night, self styled "experts" trying to sell half truths and over dramatized war stories in an attempt to improve their cache at la atmosphere/Gandamack.

    As a humanitarian actor working and living in Afg I must say I appreciate your blog working to dispel some of the misinformation propagated by attention seekers.

    The Big Red


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