Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reminder About The "You Served" Show

Just a reminder that tonight at 7:00 EST, the "You Served" Program on Blog Talk Radio will air. The show tonight will include a panel including Troy from Bouhammer's Blog, Susan Katz-Keating, 1LT Amy Bonnano, ARSIC-S PAO (Public Affairs Officer) and who also maintains the official ARSIC-S blog, and myself. We will be discussing the power of milblogs, such as was demonstrated in the recent Meo episode, as well as other issues.

I hope you get a chance to listen, and if you don't, there's a downloadable podcast. Isn't that convenient? (Sorry, Church-Lady moment.)


  1. heard you on blogtalk, nice to put a voice to the words I've been reading on your blog.
    Keep up the good bloging, you and other millblogs gives me and others the chance to get info we can't find in the MSM.
    Happy t-day and god speed, American Heroe.

  2. A heartfelt wish that you and yours enjoy the best of all possible Thanksgiving holidays!

    Special thanks to you and all who have and are now serving our country.


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