Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Guest Posting By B-Mo O! (Supplement to the previous post)

This is amazing! From way up north, where he is guest-starring in a command performance of "Stone Cold: The Saga of a Bear Named 'Human Without Feeling'" at the Bundeswehr Amphitheater, the famous B-Mo O has added to the previous post with a point so excellent that;

A) I'm embarassed that I did not make the point myself, and...

B) It really deserved to be put out there to supplement the answer to the previous post.

> Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "By Request Again: COIN
> Operator Question":
> you first have to get the fruel out of the water with an
> escalator. "O"
> Good point on post. I couldn't have written so eloquently. To add to
> your point if I may. The purpose of mentoring specifically with the
> police is to allow their normal activities to be unhindered by the
> insurgent. As sexy as the headlines will read; "US and Afghan Troops
> Battle Terrorists in the Street," it is exactly opposite of the intended
> result.
>To investigate, arrest and prosecute the insurgent as a common
> criminal takes all greater purpose out of their fight. Once this
> occurs, it becomes common practice and de-sensationalizes the
> insurgency. A strong local governance and effective police force will slowly bring
> this change. I can only hope that in 90 days the guy filling my shoes
> can walk the same line.
> "O"

You may indeed add to my post, Sergeant. Actually, you can have one of your own. You are not only timely and eloquent in your own right, but directly on target. That is a point which really can't be left out of the police side of the counterinsurgency issue.

I can always trust O to have my back.

LSHMBFO on the authentication, O. No one but you, man.


  1. I've been away with no internet access, so I've just spent the time reading up on where I left off. I really can't thank you enough for taking the time to enlighten us in this way.

    I'm a Canadian and our troops are comitted to a combat role in the south to secure the area in Khandahar province so that rebuilding can take place and take hold.

    In the south the ANP are notoriously corrupt but that has to do with the situation on the gound. They need to feed their families.

    There is much debate as to what the next step should be for our military once the combat mandate runs out in February, 2009.

    Reading your posts has helped me form an enlightened opinion.

  2. Exactly -- if we are having to engage insurgents then there has been a failure somewhere else. Dr. Kilcullen has made this point, along with some others I highlighted in my blog -

  3. I hope it is alright, but I am more excited that 'O' got to write! 'O', please start a blog, or maybe you can ask Bear if he'll let you have access as a guest?

    (I hope you don't mind, Bear, but I have been praying for the three of you for quite a while now. God has taken you all under His wing, and I thought it would just be nice to have you all together.)

    'O', you can start a blog here for FREE! :)


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