Friday, November 9, 2007

A Marathon: The Wounded Warrior Project

I ran into a team member of my original team from Ft Riley today. As you may have figured out from reading this blog, I do not use anyone's name, not even my own. It's my way of keeping OPSEC for my family and myself and for my cohorts.

Now, I'm going to break OPSEC. >GASP<

With his permission, I would like to reveal to you CPT Mike Keilty.

CPT Keilty is a West Pointer, a veteran of Iraq, who did his initial active commitment and was transferred to the IRR (Inactive Ready Reserve.) He began law school last fall. He is a Bronze Star recipient.

Scant months before his time in the IRR ran out, CPT Keilty was notified that he was being activated to fill out a team to go to Afghanistan. You can imagine his joy at this new opportunity to interrupt his life and serve his country. Many who receive the same news avoid their responsibility, but CPT Keilty heeded the call without question.

He is now in Afghanistan, stationed just outside of Kabul.

CPT Keilty decided that he was going to train for a marathon. He has been training for this for months now; since just before we came to Afghanistan.

I ran into CPT Keilty today at Bagram, where I had brought the team to take care of some maintenance issues on one of the vehicles. It was good to see him. He explained that he is going home on leave. He shared that he is going to run the Philadelphia Marathon on November 18th, while he is home on leave.

He is running to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. CPT Keilty has managed to raise over $60,000.00 for the project. Isn't that amazing? From Afghanistan, he has raised that kind of money to help severely wounded warriors.

Well, I'm amazed, anyway.

The first Marathon was run to bring news of a battle. Now it is being run to care for the wounded of this one.

I break OPSEC because I would like to ask you to consider helping CPT Keilty in supporting this project. Please go to and go to the Special Edition section. There you will find pictures of CPT Keilty and how to make a donation and receive a special T-shirt.

CPT Keilty stated that 100% of the proceeds from the T-shirts goes to the Wounded Warrior Project and programs that are selected by the families of three warriors from CPT Keilty's high school who gave their lives for us in Iraq. Pictures and biographical stories of these three men are also on the page.

So, please stop by and read about four American heroes from the same small high school and what one of them is doing to honor the other three. Consider helping CPT Keilty to help severely wounded warriors.

Before we came into this country, we were told to bear in mind that this is a marathon and not a sprint. Caring for our wounded warriors is a marathon, and not a sprint.

Thanks, CPT Keilty. Good luck in the Philadelphia Marathon, and good luck with the project.

Now, if you go to the next post in line, you will find part two of the story of Day One in Our Valley. Please consider reading it as well.


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  2. The official name of the program mentioned in this blog is the Wounded Warrior Project. Please visit our web site at for more info.

    Woody Groton
    Chief Information Officer
    Wounded Warrior Project

  3. I stand corrected, and I'm glad that I do. I changed it in the blog, so those of you who didn't see it in its original form... I confess. I screwed that up. But I've changed it now.

    Woody, please accept my apologies.

    Good luck with the project, and let me know if there is anything else I could do.

    I don't do marathons, by the way.

    ...The Author.


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