Friday, July 20, 2007

Overheard At A Mission Planning Briefing

Afghan Intelligence Officer: "We know who the Taliban are, where they are, where they get their money, where they get their weapons, what their supply routes are, and which of them is not from this area and where they are from."

American Lieutenant Colonel: "That's great! Do you have this information in writing? We would really like to share this information before we begin this operation."

Afghan Intelligence Officer: "No."

American Lieutenant Colonel: "Well, could you write it down, so that we could all know where the enemy is and what we are up against?"

Afghan Intelligence Officer: "I cannot tell you these things."

American Lieutenant Colonel: "Why not?"

Afghan Intelligence Officer: "You are not cleared to receive this information."

American Lieutenant Colonel: "Okay, then... who can you tell?"

Afghan Intelligence Officer: "I can tell him." (Indicates Afghan General.)

American Lieutenant Colonel: "Fine, tell him, and then he will tell me."

Afghan General: Nods agreement.

This is the type of patience that is required of the work that we are doing.


  1. Oh dear God, please give him strength! That is so stupid! Someone needs to tell these a**wipes that we there fighting these non-human entities that are hiding in human form so that they can be free!

    Am I angry? What do you think? And I'm not even there! Oh, I pray for patience for you, and I pray for reason for them. Please!

  2. I have submitted your blog for approval at This way, many more people (hopefully) will be able to read your wonderful writings. :)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing you put out a book one day...take good care of yourself. Thinking of you,
    C.A. Mac

  4. Hi everyone. I know you will be back soon, and I'm very excited to read what you are allowed write about some of the people, living conditions (or not), and other such things. I sure hope you got a bunch of bad guys. :)

    I have missed reading your writings. I pray y'all are doing well. (I do this often.) I even prayed that some Afghani family would take a liking to you and feed you very well.

    BTW, did you receive a checkers/chess set board yet? How about some soccer balls? There should be some food, too. I just hope it made it to you.

    You know how you didn't know if using an USA address would work? Well, we're going to find out. If this stuff is there, then it works! (Saves on shipping.) If not, I'll know better next time. D'oh! :)

    Take care now. I will wait. God bless your families and you.


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