Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Team Refreshed

It's amazing what two weeks of being with family and friends can do for a man. There is a visible difference in each man on the team after having two weeks at home with his loved ones. Everyone is relaxed and at ease with each other. Everyone is ready to get going, to "get the clock started." The clock is the year that we will spend in Afghanistan, and that clock doesn't start until the day that our boots are on the ground there.

My kids were in really great shape. The school-age kids are doing well in school, and the little ones are doing well. It was great to see them and spend time with them. The goodbyes were actually easier this time, because they've already seen me leave and then come back, so they know that they are not being abandoned. I explained to them that this next stretch will be about twice as long as the first one, and they seem to feel that they can do that. It was sad to leave them again, but it wasn't as traumatic as it was in January.

I'm grateful for that. For them more than for me. It's hard to see my kids in pain.

We found out today exactly what day we will be flying to Afghanistan. It's good to know, and to know that we won't be suffering a bunch of "mickey mouse" on the way there. Our travels should be quick and direct. We like quick and direct. We don't like slow and circuitous. Many people have had the slow and circuitous route to Afghanistan, but we won't. We are truly lucky boys.

Most of us are eager to get the clock ticking. There are a lot of other feelings, but hey... the ticket has already been purchased, and there is no getting off of the train. Might as well get on with the ride.

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